Benefits to Residents

Community Development Districts offer numerous benefits to residents. CDDs usually result in more upscale and better maintained communities that are today well known by developers, investors, and homebuyers alike. Some of the benefits of Community Development Districts include:

  • Created as governmental agencies – Districts are governmental agencies with all benefits of a public entity.
  • Operate not-for-profit – Districts provide services to landowners/residents at their own cost.
  • Accountable to residents – Districts are accountable to landowners/residents as their boards are initially elected by the landowners and eventually elected by the qualified electors of the District and they operate in the open according to the Sunshine Law and Public Records Law.
  • Protect residents from failure by the developer – Districts provide infrastructure and community services even if the developer fails.
  • Protect residents who pay from those that do not – with foreclosure powers for nonpayment of assessments, residents/landowners who do not pay do not negatively impact those who do.
  • Ensure that residents only pay for the amount of benefit they receive for as long as they receive it – residents/landowners pay only for the infrastructure and services that they receive within the District during the time they own a property within the CDD and do not subsidize the infrastructure and services provided outside the District boundaries.
  • Provide for the operation & maintenance functions on an indefinite basis – the District operates as long as there is a need for its services and residents/landowners are willing to fund it.
  • Provide for an orderly transition after the developer leaves – as the District constructs, operates, and maintains community infrastructure, there are no problems with a transition after the developer leaves.

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